Patch notes 01/10/2019

Hello everyone!
We have made a patch trying to fix the economy a bit, mostly buffing the mvp, which was quite useless after its last changes.

First MVP of the day has been changed to give 8 items instead of 5, and also a guaranteed 1k scrap in case your drops werent worth anything.

All the following MVP’s give you 50% more XP (1,5k for non vips, 2k for vips)

The minimal amount of people needed for vessel farming has been reduced to 6, so that you can still grind with lower amounts of players (mvp will be kept at 8 though, so its not too easy to abuse it)

We have also made some small changes to guns in the last few days, most notably a small buff to the Dualies, and small nerfs to TMP and the Shotgun
You can find all of the guns stats here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y2eHwyidNatAoZ_hiIt2n0IQYXucta-Tg3a_pl0Bo7M/edit#gid%3D0

Silenced M4 has also been slightly changed, it got its headshot multipler bumped up, but its damage and accuracy took a slight hit.

Thats all for now, hope you will like the changes!


Finally, the vip is no longer a scam (but the vip should still 2250 xp so still pretty much a scam)

At least now I won’t cry as hard when I can’t get a kill with my vessel. Thanks Ivan!


How much were the headshot damage and acc changed on the m4a1?

I’d love to see it as a go to for older and new players alike for skill expression.
w/ above decent to high hs damage and acc but only decent fr.

Might start only using it on t rounds to try to improve and become a more consistent player.

#Vessel Grind squad

apply at my discord called “No this isnt a sting operationg to get you banned”

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send me an invite
I’m grinding

yes i think that is yes

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