Patch notes 02/03/18

  • Jetpack
    – Now has roughly 7.5 seconds of flight time before running out of fuel
    – You must stand on the floor to be able to regen fuel
    – Jetpack now prevents fall damage when equipped
    – Flight sound no longer plays unless you are 200 units above the ground and holding space
    – Optimised sound loading for low-bandwidth players
  • Special ammo
    – Special ammo now actually works
  • Guns
    – Fixed an issue causing the dropoff changes to not be applied to guns
  • Skins
    – Added retex_legacy convar for players who are having issues with missing textures on skins.
    – Worldmodels now correctly render after they leave a players visleaf

The late Valentines day patch- Patch notes 26/02/18

For Janice


Ayy second to reply :smiley: I’m looking forward the the special ammo tonight when I play


I guess @Countdown will stop screaming about skins now? :wink:


!Badbot :slight_smile: