Patch notes 12/02/18


Will be applied next server restart


  • Added a new jukebox, hit F4 to view it in game
  • Costs 75 scrap per song played, but it’s free if you’re a VIP
  • Request songs every 90 seconds
  • Songs must be approved by an admin but once approved they are there forever
  • Songs sync across servers


Where does one request a song addition kind sir…


Great update :+1:


@meharryp does it have to be an admin or any member of staff



If you’re having issues with the jukebox not playing, run jukebox_showplayer in console, screenshot what is shown, then run jukebox_hideplayer.

Edit: VEVO videos will proberbly not work for most people, I should have a fix that you’ll have to apply yourselves though soon

Edit 2: