Patch Notes: 15/07/17

  • Resources

  • Added icons for all the extra CS:S weapons

  • Added new icons for the headcrab launcher and turret

  • Inventory

  • Description is now factored into searches

  • !shop opens the inventory

  • Added camera FOV setting

  • Weapons

  • Nerfed the AK-47, now does less damage, less firerate and more recoil.

  • Lootboxes

  • Re-balanced lootboxes again

  • Site

  • Enabled HTTPS on all parts of the site (this is currently forced on for the forums)

Please leave any feedback below!


Thanks Harry, looking good!


Literally Unplayable


Still a little salty about the AK update, but seemingly isn’t the end of the world.


Have you seen the bloody AK Harry is using?! It’s still OP as fuck!


Spartan and i have a better ak than Harry lol…
Harry isn’t the luckiest when it comes to loot crates .


But Harry has skill :sunglasses:


lol i don’t even have an AK


coolio very cooool like damn


Someone say bump up old posts?





I love the last thing CCX said on this post. Still punishing people who bump into old posts?