Patch Notes 26/09/2019

Hi everyone!
Since there arent many t shop weapons, i added a new silenced gun, the M4A1.
It shoots at 600 RPM, dealing 24 damage (stats are subject to change, as it just got added), with a very good headshot multiplier and low recoil, so it wont be as strong as top tier corrupteds but it should be nice for stealth kills or for people without any good guns.
Hope you like it, and big thanks to Cpt. Vagan for help with testing.


Ah vary noice. nice addition Ivan, very good thing to add.

So when is that easter exotic comming Harry?


Can we buy silenced pistol too

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This should be fun!

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Super buggy, it appear invisible, you shoot it appears, and after that it looks like you

are holding a tripmine.

thank you ivan big sex man

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