Photo contest - The winners and runner-ups

Hello all! It’s actually Raptor, don’t worry. Time to reveal our winners! Also I made a change and introduced runner-ups, who each get 5k scrap.

Category 1: Funny

Winner: Ya_Boi_Pasta with their picture “Cunt”

Runner-up 1: Insert Blank Here with their picture "My Body Says ‘Take Me’, My Face Says ‘Fuck Off’


Runner-up 2: ManeGunner6 with their picture “This shi”


Category 2: Admins do the Funniest Things

Winner: Charging Badger with their picture “Here at HarrysMod we Love Religion”


Runner-up 1: Kokichi Ouma with their picture revealing the truth


Runner-up 2: Obama Llama with their picture “Harry Contemplating His Creation”

Bonus Category: Awesome

This category ended up a bit differently. One of the runnersup had two the judges couldn’t decide between, so both are here (they won through just 1, but the judges just couldn’t pick which). They also couldn’t decide what to cut of the choices they picked so there’s 3 runners-up! Neat.

Winner: player_135 with their picture “Foster”


Runner-up 1: Insert Blank Here with their picture “Epic Gamer Reaction Times”

Runner-up 2: Cherino with their picture about their clan in the old HarrysMod Minecraft server.


Runner-up 3: Inster with their picture “We stopped the car!”, and “when you become full blue t and kill all of the t’s”


Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to all who participated! The winners will be notified and prizes will be given out when possible. All entries will be made public soon in a separate forum post.


image We are the real winners here

Top ten hmod moment add unusual sken now

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Boy I sure do like me some chicken

Cease your lies, and adopt your true form. We can see through the facade. Reveal yourself, CCX! You can’t hide as Rhys this time!

No u.

Body seems unclear, have you tried revealing your true identity as Insert?

Plost twist:
I’m actually just another Mr. Artist alt

Noooo dont you dare taking that seriously

Ban heskan He’s a dragon slayer

(You’re Welcome for the correction!)

(You’re Welcome for the correction)

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Dan why do you have a hate against bearded dragons? {:[
Oh wait its probably agains every living thing
Ok I kinda understand you now

Jk everyone worship the beardys

ehh am i a runner up or a winner because i only see my screenshot

nvm i am big stupid

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congratulations to the winners

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It was all rigged.


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