Pics of a WIP TTT map I've been making

Don’t mind the name

Update: download avaliable (gdrive) if u want to check it out. No T traps yet but there are a few secrets.


this looks awesome


Thanks, I can share the current .bsp if ur interested

is the water safe to drink?


Don’t drink the water, they put something in it to make you forget.

It’s cool but might be a bit too open

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Yeah the beach area is very open but theres really nothing there or a reason to be there besides spawning. The town itself is very claustrophobic and maze like.

I think there will be a good balance to prevent delaying, no hiding in the open areas. And the town area should have players finding eachother fairly quick even with them hiding as its not actually bigger than all of ttt_island2013. I’d say size wise the whole of the island is similiar to ttt_vessel (8000x4000 units), the whole of my map being 8000x8000 units, having anywhere betweeen 1000 to 2500 units of water until the skybox.

I don’t have access to Gmod for a bit, could you supply a top-down view when you get the chance?

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Sure, skybox isnt high enough and it already takes 15 mins to compile on my pc but there are some shots of it.

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Awesome thanks, I’ll give these a look next time I’m free.

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