Please buy my vamp daegle edit:its been bought

newly produced from our finest mass unboxation factory, we have come up with the vampiric deagle! it can shoot heads, bodies, npcs, it can rdm, it can do everything!! if you shoot at the right spot you can even turn a human into a vegetable! and you know the best part? it heals you! YEAH IT HEALS YOU! and unlike other products, it comes apart! just disassemble it, put it in the wash and boom its clean!!!
so now you may ask how the heck do i get this? well its simple you call 1-800 and you go to the market and you buy it for ONLY 24 999.99!!!
if you buy it now you can even get a free corona package with it! thats 50k worth of items for LESS THAN 25K!

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sounds like a margin

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hi are you still selling

Are you an idiot

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Hodd I’m getting sick of this. 1 month later and it says it’s been sold in the title. Stop the necro