Pocoyo Ban Appeal


Name: Pocoyo
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:461253203
Reason for ban: Sus of Awootism Alt - Appeal on forums
Staff member who banned you: 3000
Reason why i should be unbanned:
I was recently banned on Harrys Mod for suspicions of an Awootism alt. After reading through the forums, i have seen that Awootism has been banned a fair few times for breaking the rules alot and then creating Alts to circumvent that ban.
Although i cant prove that i am not an Alt of this guy, i would like to be unbanned as i have been having fun on the server and playing with the community! I have tried to contribute a few of my own ideas and have made a hat that would be cool to see implemented on the server!
Thank you for your considerations,


Hi Pocoyo

After inside information from anonymous sources and other staff Friending Awootism (person in question) And seeing As soon as he goes offline you go online And vice Versa you have been confirmed to possibly be him

The Only way we would unban you is you provide the following things
A. You speaking to us via voice chat, having a talk about why you want to stay here
B. Provide us with proof (such as ID) to show you cannot be Possibly Awootism
C. Explain How you go offline as soon as Awootism goes online.


What do you mean by ID?


Nothing too personal obviously. Maybe show things like your steam family settings to see who it’s being shared with. The voice chat thing is the most viable to be honest.


I know it sounds fishy, but i dont have a mic. I have a headphones to listen to the game but i cant talk :confused:

What do you mean by steam family settings?



I’m furioosm


As user is not able to prove they are not Awootism, this is being closed.