Pokemon Go Bragging rights


I want your levels, your best pokemon and other stats that may be considered impressive. consider this better than the main server cause you can lose weight and have less screaming kids


image pokymans


I’m level 28 and my best pokemon is a dragonite with 3018 cp
I don’t play that much anymore though


my best pokemon is permavirgin ecks dee


Can I throw my towel in the ring as a main series player? No? Okay I’ll go back to my corner.


Pokémon go sadist
LV 33.
3510 CP Groudon is my strongest. Playing since release.
14 unique shiny Pokémon,(Same evolution lines to not count) includes - Venasaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Eevee (plus all of its current eeveelutions), Zaptos, Dragonite, Meganium, Ampharos, Mukrow, Tyranitar, Aron(have not evolved), Roselia, Absol and metagross

Full Kanto dex(151), 95 on johto, 113 on Hoenn and 15 on Sinnoh

Am I sad yet?


Level idfk but cba to check, best pokemon is a 5k cp snorlax named ‘37 on the bmi scale’


I was level 30 before i stopped playing entirely. Still have a 3000cp mewtwo, lugia and tyranitar.

Still insert sadness here wins the no-life competition


Nah im a bigger virgin its fine. level 36 and not to flex but Metagross coming out my arse homies


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