Pour in milk first for cereal


Time to settle a debate do you guys put your milk in first when making cereal or do you pour the cereal in first? For me cereal in first. So type milk for pour in milk first and type cereal if you pour in cereal first.


People who pour milk first shoud’nt have breathing priviliges.
Change my mind.

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I agree they also shouldn’t have kids


I don’t know. Normally milk first but sometimes cereal

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real mvps uses water instead.


Depends on the cereal your having.
If you are having weetabix then you heat the milk first then add the cereal.

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its the same thing with tea
MILK IS LAST, unless you have sugar, then thats last, but still


i use macaroni instead of cereal


You pour that shit straight into the trashcan if it’s like the german version of it!


sometimes when i tired i do it in the order of 1.milk 2.cereal 3. bowl


Milk first so I can heat it up


lol you got dabbed on


I’m going to try that now


This is my cereal. Yummy image






unpopular opinion but…

I eat cereal with water instead of milk.

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The sacret texts!
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