I think it would be nice if we would have some sort of guideline on how much stuff is worth!
For example what a 50% Firerate Famas is worth or a super sawed oof or something like that!

Also let’s place bets on how long it will take for this post to be moved to shitpost!


This is probably one of your more sensible posts.
but as much as i would also like a price table, with how different each weapon can be, it would either take a long time, or be impossible, and would need updating if.

  1. New weapons are added
  2. inflation of scrap.
  3. something else i cant think of yet.
    still, not an awful idea.


The value of guns are actually printed as scrapping value. but that’s horrible So we COULD use that as a base

The best way would be to let Meharryp To track selling/buying weapons and see what stats attact the best value and prices.

With maths we can calculate TOTAL % prices (with stats) then maybe get a pricing range


I’m thinking of a more general guideline, like for every gun with 50% increase firerate/damage/etc.


not for every percenatge


Your miss understanding me.

Lets take your example a 50/50/50 gun of some description.

Lets say for example its a 50% Fire rate 50% Damage 50% accuracy Famas.
what I am suggesting is Harry will track this sale and put it into a data base. if this were to happen say 10 more times we could get an average price (if no one is messing with the system).

Of course this would be rare to be sold with EXACLTY those stats so we would put them in brackets with TOTAL percentages with the stats. so the gun in question would be a 150% famas with FR/DMG/ACC. We would ideally put them in say a 155% (top percentage) to 145% with 10% deviations. so ANY famas with 145%-155% total stats with DMG/FR/ACC sold in that would be grouped together, the average price sold found and splurted out as the base line. repeat this for all guns and ALL stats and we have a comprehensive gun price guide. For that one combo alone…

This way would include inflation as it is factored into the equation, the new weapons would slowly get its average prices with the stat ranges. and maybe help people get price ranges.

Prices are decided by the seller. But there is a general consensus if something is being sold for too much.
granted to get these results would take a long time to get


good idea, but I think a simpler version including the inflation would do it as well


Someone has already suggested this idea on discord ,and I think its absolutely terrible
the value of each weapon is as much as someone would be willing to pay for it , some would pay more and some would pay less.
That’s it.
EDIT : Moved to suggestions (seeing as this thread is a suggestion)


I think we need this to prevent scam, and there should be a
approximate (no idea if I can use this word here btw) guidline for what a gun is worth, liike e.g. 5-10K or something like that


Scam will still happen. You would need to have this table in game shoved right in people’s faces, reminding them every time they come on, otherwise most people likely won’t even know. Most players never touch the forums, and many don’t use the Discord. How do you get the word out?

And how would you integrate it into the game?


via another bar like the marketplace


Good luck getting harry to add that lmao , it took nearly a year for him to add the marketplace.


And you forgot to add that sometimes the worth of scrap lowers, and the rarity of a certain gun, impossibletetitatino


yer I know this will probably never be a thing, but hey, maybe @meharryp thinks about doing so!


the thing is, this isn’t necessary. there’s enough guns on the market rn for people to be able to make a quick judgement on price and people have been trading for over a year now creating a sort of established system of prices (sort of like real life). on average market items sell for around 4k but desirable items (health boost, speed, firerate, damage) generally sell quicker and for more scrap