Pumpkins are broken

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Bug description:I can’t pick up pumpkins
Steps to reproduce: try to pick up a pumpkin
Screenshots (If applicable): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHYCK2j6Gn0

This is because the pumpkin sometimes spawns on guns/ammo. You need to find a way to remove those in order to “free” it. I know, it’s a pain. I don’t think we can fix this unfortunately.


Not that big of an issue, but you could try to make it cross reference spawn locations with ammo spawn locations and not use those spots if possible

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So far the only issue im having with them is spawning in unreachable locations. On top of roofs, behind map borders, etc.

Do you think you could use the magneto stick to move the ammo box to free it?

Yes can do that

if its stuck on ammo, the way i found was to through a discombob down and let it move any obstructions. granted a discombob may not always be available but you’ll just have to find another way

We try and police this but if they are out of bounds get a screenshot and which map it is and let me or Rhys know. We’ve fixed most of them but it’s a constant battle


the skyscraper one has had two pumkin or cake spawns in between the floors (under the third floors carpet) for a couple months now

As I said in the post- I need screenshots of it. If no one tells me about them, we can’t fix it can we?


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