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I hope you like suggestion posts, because I’m back with yet another one. If this one seems a bit unorganized, that’s because I haven’t really done so yet. I will return to it to fix it up later on.

The current quest system is a bit old. I am presenting some options for how to update the system to make it more interesting.

1 Quest Refreshing

Once per day, each player can change a quest from any category to get another from that category. This can only be done once per day, and cannot be done to a completed quest.

Justification – Some quests are very hard in comparison to others (“Spend 10 credits as Detective” relies on at most a 1/8 chance to be Detective, and for you to kill Traitors and them not to have spent credits), and some just take ages and don’t feel worth it. Allowing a refresh makes people more likely to stick around for quests.

2 New Quest System

This system would be quite different from the current. Each day, 3 quests would be generated for each category. These would be easier than standard quests (for example, “Spend 10 credits as Detective” would become “Spend 5 credits as Detective”). To get the lootbox for each category, 2/3 of the quests in that category must be completed. A few new quests would also be added to have more variety. Below are some examples of potential quests.

2.1 – Innocent Quests

Kill 3 Traitors
Identify 10 bodies
Win 1 round without hurting anyone
Win 10 rounds

2.2 – Detective Quests

Kill 3 Traitors
Kill 2 Traitors that you have DNA on
Identify 5 bodies
Spend 5 credits

2.3 – Traitor Quests

Kill 2 people while below 30% health
Kill 5 people with Weapon type (only 1 of these would generate each day)
Spend 10 credits
Win 4 rounds

Justification – Having multiple smaller quests would feed into the satisfaction of completing tasks, as more quests are being completed so players will feel more satisfied with their play session. More satisfied players means more returning players. It would also promote player choice, as they can choose to not do one quest in each category, which can often be one that they aren’t good at or find hard/irritating.

3 Reward for all Quest Completion

Give another lootbox to players that complete all 3 quests.

Justification – This gives players more of an incentive to stick around, in order to get the quests completed.

4 Server Quests

Have weekly/monthly quests that the entire server works towards, e.g. “Buy 100 Radios”, “Identify 1000 bodies”, etc. Anyone who participates in the current quest gets 2-3 lootboxes if the quest is completed before time runs out.

Justification – This would promote the server working together to achieve a common goal.

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working together?
on Harry’smod?



Would still like to see a more competitive element in there somewhere. Like you could have an ongoing quest where people have to do better than the other players. Encourages regular players to play for a good amount of time each day and gives you an ongoing focus once your daily’s are done. Dunno how it would be implemented but it’s definitely possible.

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Nice ideas here




2/3 lootboxes for a MONTH/WEEKLY quest seems a bit low but it’s still a good suggestion

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Serverwide Quest = Fuckin Genius Territory, 2/3 crates sounds about epic


And this is a race to complete it or everybody can do it


the quest would be something that both innocents and traitors can do, because rounds will be poo poo mode because innocents will be farmed if its “innocents killed” but otherwise it is ebic, ajgunstone brain out.

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Some nice ideas but just a couple of questions:

“Win 1 round without hurting anyone” - Does this mean damage no-one at all or no innocents as this may lead to AFKing / camping?

“Kill 5 people with Weapon type” - Do teleporters count under this? If not, why not? :laughing:

Server Quests - If you want to promote the server working together I feel the quests should be something that you wouldn’t routinely do so I personally don’t think “Identify 1000 bodies” should be a quest. There could also be milestones for each quest so if a quest is completed twofold within the month then an extra loot box is added continuing the more that it gets completed.

Overall though it’s a really neat idea.


You’re asking questions that I haven’t thought of answers to because in my head it was plain as day. “Do no damage” is usually quite obvious, and I didn’t consider teleporters because that wasn’t the thought out part, and teleporters probably couldn’t count because the idea is to have less quests that are a pain to do.

I dunno what to actually have as server quests, I am more interested in the core suggestions than the random bits.

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Say forty bad words in chat over a single round without using the same word twice.


Add weekly quests involving a t3/unusual/Rare crate(containing a rare or better item and something else).
And make the rewards of the quests more unique: if its a discovering body quest give something that could help you do that like a Jump/speed hat/mask. To kill X ammount of inno/traitor, a weapon that could help out accomplish the same task later in the future etc…

Also New quest types too like @Aripip suggested, for example: Win the round under X time(for traitors only, for obvious reasons), Kill X ammount of detectives. Kill some one with gravity, etc…

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excuse me what