Racism Report


Dont really expect to come on a server to have a white entitled kid flaming black people and saying “i hate niggers”







Got his steamid?


maybe he was posting lyrics to his favourite song




Admins are supposedly supposed to be clamping down on stuff like this so it should improve in future.


Excuse me Senpai you called me a nigger once
and you are crying around about that??


i’m gonna say the n word


thats racist you cant say the n word!"!!!


Miss obama get down!


watch out guys I’m about to say the N word

Number one victory royale


It’s literally me lol.


So here’s the conclusion. SenpaiRush, you have to remember that this is the internet, Everyone is a dick, there’s no way to actually just forbid all bad words. The guy spamming it is obviously being childish and if you can’t look past that and just ignore it and move on, then the internet is not a place for you.

And Paddy, stop being a dick and be nice. Nobody likes dicks and I’m sure if you continue with that behaviour it will end up as the previous guy who was just hated by everyone and decided to leave. Either way is fine to me tbh.


Not sure who you are lol but ok I’ll roll with your shite talking babes. x


except gays and women


beat me to it


First of all, if you’re going to report someone, do it properly.
Secondly, “white entitled kid” is actually racist. And you are not in the position to be making assumptions on anyone else.
Thirdly, he didn’t actually say “I hate niggers,” you just took it that way to make it sound worse, when really that reflects worse on you.
Finally, if you don’t like it, leave.


Closing this since the Author of this post is not around us anymore.