Raptor's Mission Mode: Announcement Post

Welcome, welcome! Today I bring to you a brand new weekly event! Introducing:

Raptor’s Mission Mode!

Every week on Wednesday, a forum post will be created, and it will contain a list of missions to be completed that week. These are all focused on having fun. Completing these missions rewards scrap. Some examples follow:

  • Balance 10 ammo crates on top of each other
  • Balance 6 items on someone’s head
  • Find an admin in a funny situation
  • Insult Insert
  • Use the killer axe in Rooftops to attack a wooden crate

There are many more, these are just a few as examples. There will be map-specific missions, which will be explained more in the rules.


  • Missions reward scrap depending on the difficulty of the mission. This will be stated next to the mission in the post.
  • Submissions are to be entered in screenshot/gif/video form and submitted to the forum post that the mission is on. If you have issues doing so, submit it to me on Discord.
  • Submissions must be entered by the end of Tuesday the following week. For example, a submission for a mission started on Wednesday 26th June has to be entered by the end of Tuesday 2nd July. Late entries are not counted.
  • If you work with someone to complete the mission, only one of you needs to submit it. Make sure to specify who you worked with.
  • Rewards are tallied up at the end of the submission period for that week’s events, and given out by CMs when possible. I will mainly be the one responsible for this.
  • Each week will have a mission slot for map-specific missions. 3 different maps will be represented each week, and you only need to clear 1 of these 3. Entries for the 2nd and 3rd mission in this slot each week will not be counted. Having multiple in this slot each week is due to the understanding that some maps don’t often come up.
  • Do not reuse old submissions. If you are caught doing this, you will be disqualified from the event for 2 weeks.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t pick up your reward for a while due to IRL reasons and whatnot. A list of who is still to receive their reward will be kept.

The first week begins this Wednesday! See you then!

Edit: I’m also happy to hear ideas for missions that you guys have!


Im already looking forward to mission/example 4! Can we have an insult competition than?

Creative insults are encouraged for whenever I choose that mission. Dunno if we’ll run a full insult competition but perhps one day.

Would be fun! There could be a submission thread and than a vote thread after some insults have been collected

This challange has been aproved by insert. I cant wait to get Roasted… Again.


Shut up, Btech me

insert blank here is smelly

Done, gib scrap and tanksCCX%20tank


I love this idea , especially the insulting insert part but I have 1 question though , could you be so kind and let me know how to mute notifications / disable emails that get sent to me from the forums

No I will not.

insert is smelly

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Insert has the intelligence of a breaded sandwich that has been dipped in water


I appreciate a good Insert Insult as much as the next person, but the mission isn’t even available yet.

That does’nt change the fact that insert is the manifestation of the water that comes out of a ketchup bottle if you didnt shake it enough

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Yeah but it’s still fun to insult @Torterra1111

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put the missions in a channel on the discord

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That is a very good idea. It will be done.

Pls on forums as well :[

Heskan can you seriously not read?

Every week on Wednesday, a forum post will be created, and it will contain a list of missions to be completed that week.


I may not have insulted him on a wednesday but i sure annoyed him

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