Red_Line Ban Appeal


Sooo, so called operator Nick banned me for “Hacking”
Please unban me.
If needed, i will post a video of the last round of my game in which i was banned,
Cause i always record my game using geforce experience.
Never used cheats in online games, especially in gmod.


After I can get @meharryp to help me with the in-game recording features that are added so I can upload the evidence.
Summary: You headshot me while I was moving so I was like :o and then I spectated you and for a second I thought I just saw you lock onto a head, and I was talking about it with the other players so they started spectating too. Then it looked like you locked on again and everyone was like “oh yeah, that’s hacking,” and I thought so too, so I banned you.


you clearly can’t see that i am not using any cheats =)
Dude, i am playing gmod a fuck ton of time.
I play TTT almost every day)
It’s kinda insulting accusing of hacking.


@nickvalentino press insert on your keyboard or go to the fixed death scene


Could be just an honest mistake but I’d like to upload the video. I am going to unban you for now but we will evaluate the evidence when it is uploaded and come to a conclusion then. You seem like a nice guy and got a good alibi.


I am not mad, and i probably will upload a video of last round.
Just wait=)


Just do it :joy: always helpful


You’re always recording huh? Thats quite bad for your storage :joy:


With some settings i can always record my last 5-30 minutes of gameplay=)
So yeah, it’s kinda convenient in such situations


If you could upload the last round before I banned you, that would be excellent.


Almost done =)


is replying…


Well i know how geforce shadowplay works :joy:, but its not great for your hardware since its always writing to disk


And i must say, i usually play at russian servers(well i am a russian guy)
But shooting at your server actually quiet easy.
Cause on our servers i can’t fucking hit a good shot


If you do not have anything to contribute to this report, then DO NOT reply on it.


Nah nick this is a good conversation
(Edit: fuck off janisstals)


Ok, almost done. Cutting last round.
Uploaded it to youtube.


Cutting? Why do we need that? That makes you more suspicious, as long as you upload the raw file and the edited file its fine


He asked me to show him last round, and i did it.
If there will be needed a raw footage, i will show it =)


Actually Nick, here you go.
Ok, it’s edited for the last round.