Red_Line Ban Appeal


Hang on, slo mo that for me


There is no auto aiming :smiley:


Simple mouse setting, nothing more =)


Hmm, if you set playback at 1/4 the speed its really sus when you just miss the head


XD ok so i just watched that and as someone who uses the rifle i know its accuracy very well…you hit 3 perfect headshots and then missed a few shots on a guy after landing a body shot…im gonna call button toggle as thats exact;y what it looks like…sorry dude but im pretty sure your cheating…


Yep was just about to say the same


Please unban this guy, i have had moments like this but i have 10 times less hours. hes legit


fyi videos of people playing rounds are completely void due to the fact its incredibly easy to hide cheats from recording software


Which is why I have requested your assistance with the new snapshot ability we have. You have yet to respond. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
@meharryp discord please.


Giving my real honest opinion here, if this video was raw footage and unedited, it looks to be that at some parts, the shots were just legit good skill, but then other parts look to be done with the help of hacks. Until I can get a hold of the snapshot footage, I have come to a consensus that he was not hacking and these head-shots are just actually pure skill. Final conclusion will be drawn once I analyze the server footage, but until then, I am going to keep you unbanned and able to continue playing the server as you please.


XD pure skill…does that even exist in gmod?


only why i would think you where not cheating is if that rifles had fucking 100000000000% accuracy and you had a ping to the sever of 0. sniper rifles in harrysmod are so inaccurate doing that is just plain impossible


Red_Line: Really?
Red_Line: Nick, if you think that iam a cheater just come with me and play on a server where i play.
Red_Line: There is a big difference
Red_Line: It’s a lot easy to shot at your server then on ours
Red_Line: I am not a cheater. I showed video of my shoting on your server to some of my friend, and they see that it’s fine.


After reviewing the video above several times, I have come to a final conclusion that Red_Line was indeed hacking, or button toggling. You have been permanently banned for hacking. You may wish to make a ban appeal in the proper section, however, I expect to see an apology consisting of you realizing what you have done and why you should not have done it. You might also want to include why you feel you should be unbanned. This is a final decision and will not be changed.


It’s ridiculous that you accusing me of cheats.
I play garrys mod for fucking 3-4 years already. And when i finally found server that is pretty ,much perfect i got banned.


I can record a fucking ton of my play.
I just can’t understand your logic.
Everybody that i showed my video said that there is no cheats.

But you still think that there is.
How the fuck do i need to prove that you are wrong?


I am not some child that will talk shit about everything.
It’s just makes me angry, that i play without any shit, and people still talk like i am an asshole who hacks.


You literally knew where meme was and another kid was through a wall and look at them straight where they was when we was all spectating you theres not way out of this you clearly lied to all of us and you carried on hacking, we gave you a second chance and you threw it away, anyway good one nick well played :eggplant::exploding_head::face_with_raised_eyebrow::heart_eyes:


Great teamwork.
Still accusing without any evidence.
What map and round you talking about hello?
It’s just dissaponting.

Never played with cheats. Great admins.
Still don’t listen to me.


The evidence is we was all spectating you and the staff team came to the conclusion to ban you as most of us saw you wall hack and aimbot, i dont evidence as most the staff saw it first hand and everyone witnessed it happening so evidence doesnt need to be a part of this … anyway im wasting my time on here and im not gonna post on here again as im wasting my time have fun