Red_Line Ban Appeal


Good luck banning player for playing good.

No aimbot, no wallhack. no fucking shit, still banned for “Hacking”


How i am supposed to prove myself, if there is 16-17 years old admins, who can’t see that i am not using any cheats?


Add me on steam Red_Line before you say something on here that you shouldn’t. STEAM_0:0:194086446


i am already in your friend’s list


alot of playtime doesn’t mean a damn thing tho.


For me it does.
I am and admin on russian TTT. I know how cheaters play and etc.
I despise them. And always banned them.
It’s annoys me, that i am banned for doing nothing.
Nick expecting me apologizing for hacking. But i did’ not do anything.


And saying that this server is “good” is just straight up lying(sorry harry), you miss half of your shots even when you’re “good”, while you manage to hit quite a few headshots, while everybody else cant


For me it’s good.
If you want to see really bad server settings, just add me to friends in steam and go with me to our server. You will see a big fucking difference.


not sure why you’re mentioning that you’re an admin on another server, as if that’s gonna make a difference. Anyways, this is the 2nd time you got banned for hacking right?


I am telling about admins thing because, i was an admin on many servers, and i know how cheats works and etc.
They say that i “saw” through my epic wall hack such a meem.
But they do not say what round it was and etc.
Instead of banning me, they could just ask me. And maybe a could’ve explained myself.
And i could just give them my recording.


Thing is, there is a bunch of kids, who don’t know shit about cheats and servers
And people who can shoot really well like me get banned.
Just fucking great.


there’s no reason to get upset. Remember, all the staff members are just normal players who just wants to help out on the server. nobody is a pro when they first start, they’ll learn. They just want what’s best for the server and banning cheaters is a part of it. Since you’re an admin on your server, you should understand that.


That’s the point, i do understand that.
But it upsets me, that some admins think that i am cheating, when i am clearly not.
What am i supposed to do, if nobody listens to me

I do wanna play on this server.
Because for me, it has the smoothest shootings i ever seen on TTT servers.


Well, I am listening to you. And this is being investigated, all you can do now is just to wait.


I am not hiding anything.
If you want another video of me playing on your server i will record it.
It’s not a problem as i said, i always record when i play, And if needed it will be saved and uploaded.


I don’t know how to explain it. Shooting from rifle and deagle is a lot easier here.
But machineguns etc with it’s recoil it’s hard.


If you want, i can add you on steam and we will talk there, i just don’t know how long i will be able to reply here, cause of limitation.


No this is not the second time, this ban was based on the older video.


Went onto the server and I was sniping and I really see no difference.


Welp. I was banned for not speaking russian.