Red_Line Ban Appeal


I am sorry for that. It’s kinda prerogative of Owner of the server.
For me shooting from rifles is a lot different, cause i hit shots on you server that can’t hit on ours.
And i unbanned you.
Maybe it’s because of my internet connection, i don’t know really.

I just want to play on server.


And yes, our server has a bad history with registering shots. I can shot straight at the head from deagle and not kill, same with any other weapon.
This thing do appear at your server but not like in ours.
Straight bullshitt.


Just been informed that the above video shows Red_Line having “Silent Aim” enabled which does not make your aim snap or lock onto the target. It instead keeps your “view” in the same position while the bullet fires in a completely different direction. If you slow down the video to 1 frame per second you can see that when the bullet is fired, his aim is not on the head. Going to test this theory. Feel free to shoot that idea down, @Red_Line


I don’t have aim shit or something for god sake.
I never used cheats. NEVER,
Who this professional, that detected so called “aim”
I already said, i can record every fucking round of play on your server.

It makes me so angry to see, that people do not see that i am playing without any software.

When i shoot i always try to aim at the head.
Atleast with first shoot. If target too “jumpy” or like running here and i am shooting at the body, cause i have like tier 3 scout, that kinda awesome.
With deagle, i prefer short or average distance cause it’s a lot easier to hit straight shot.
For me rifle and long distances is perfect.


And on the video you clearly see, especially first shot, guy walking like straight line, i don’t understand how i can miss this.


I don’t know what else you want me to say.
I gave you options, to watch me play etc.
I just fucking want to play on this server.


Im uploading a video that might prove your innocence or that your guilty as we speak ill let the mods make up there mind from there


Ok, it would be nice.


Sorry about the watermark i cant do anything about that but here Make up your own minds


From 0.07 to like 0.25 do you see how long i was aiming to shoot?
I picked second guy cause he was second in he was walking like straight.
And second guy from like 0.27 i shot at him like for 3-or 4 times and i think i didn’t even damaged him.


My only point is the third kill And the fourth look really fishy as the scope is not on the head


Then i killed Nick. AND THAT SHOT was suspicious. But thing is, you need to understand, that i have a ping slightly bigger around like 50-60+ and you need to consider amount of packets that i take and that goes out.
There is a lot little things that can differ my shooting to you.

But ofcourse, it all can be not important.


@TTT-Staff The original video has been slowed down a crap ton so please watch the video and give your final say.
Do not vote without watching both videos.

  • Hacking indeed
  • Maybe not but it was very fishy
  • Pure skill

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Fourth kill yes, i actually whenkilled him, didn’t quite understand, how i did it.
But it’s Garrys mod,
I really don’t know how detective died, when i wasn’t aiming at the head.


could be the shitty gmod hitboxes


Honestly i think that might have been a mix of bad ping and General Shitty hitboxes, But on the flipside it could also be “Silent Aim” With a decent amount of skill added into the shot.

You might want to google a youtube video of silent aim so you understand what the staffs standpoint is.


For me personally it’s the third, when i killed Nick.
But i can’t explain it. I just can’t.
When i was playing i was aiming at the head, but holy shit, i didn’t know that i killed him LIKE THIS.
It’s fishy cause my crosshair going straight down to the head.
I really can’t understand this game.


Most of us cannot at the best of times


It can be ping and shitboxes, i understand why people see this shot as something aim like.
If you find a video, i would love to watch it. cause i actually think never see this in action.


If you mixed a decent amount of skill with this and tried to aim at the head the bullets would not have to correct themselves as much etc.