Red_Line Ban Appeal


Jesus shit is a disaster :smiley:
Never seen such thing.
But actually thing is, i for example can walk not only with rifle, i can choose m16 or i even played with galil.
And i am not that bad with them.
But i die a lot more then with scout.


My point is, i use scout on maps that have long distances.
But if there is map like some minecraft or skycraper i use more
convenient weapon, and i sure do die a lot more.
Cause my m16 tier 3, shoots like fucking demon. like 23 bullets in 2-3 seconds, and i usually die, cause i fucking miss :smiley:


I understand that blaming game for my shots is probably bad idea, but i really don’t know how else i can prove that i am not using any hacking shit.
Cause i really don’t. And i just don’t know what to do


And yes, i would like to ask a second chance, in like showing how i play.
You can watch me all time as i play, and i will give you recording of every round, that you say looked fishy.
Plus someone could record demo too, from their perspective.
I am not hiding anything.


just wondering tho, why are you playing on this server? got bored of the one you’re on? :smiley:


He said earlier it was something to do with the lag or something or the other


I played on it before I was banned for speaking english and it seemed just fine.


It’s both actually. I did actually get bored of the russian community of ttt players. Especially on our server,
And i do like to play on this server cause of i don’t know smoothes i guess.
And third reason it’s like I am superadmin on that server, and it means everyone want’s something from me.
And it pisses me off. I want just play and don’t get bothered.
And that’s why after New year, i will quit being admin. Maybe will play a little bit sometimes.


After playing on several non-russian servers, i realised that this servers have more or less good admins and good people. From my perspective atleast.


Can i say this: dozen is/was a staff member on this one and he went to different ttt servers to hack then when he got banned would come back on this one, not saying its 100% but still…


I am not that kind of a guy.
I play on your server cause i like it and because no one cares about me.
Cheats supposed to give you some kind of advantage in game.
But in Garrys mod it has no absolute point. It’s a freaking sand box game.
There are no huge prizes. No tournaments. It’s pointless.
The only reason to do this is to piss people off. That’s it. And i don’t like this kind of stuff.


Omg this must be the biggest post on the forums


Next big one, Mass karma ban on main server


Shhhhhh no one needs to know about that


In my belief it’s always innocent until proven guilty and no one has provided any hard evidence that he has been hacking. The clip shows he’s a good, patient shot; regardless of if he’s using a script. The shot that makes me think he’s not hacking (using silent aim) is the 1:09 shot. Blood comes out of exactly where the crosshair was placed and it just hits the edge of the head hitbox, which isn’t how it would work using silent aim.

@TTT-Staff Feel free to share you’re opinions guys.


I agree on that part. from what I’ve heard, it’s just " It looks like he’s using silent aim" but there’s no real evidence that’s actually enforcing it. Those videos aren’t really enough proof tbh. Gmod has the stupid client side thing. The person might be behind a wall, but on your screen he’s still outside of it. It always looks different on your screen than on theirs. On his, the scope might have been on the head, but on yours it’s way off. Think you might need more evidence on him cheating. But ofc I could also be wrong, and that he’s actually cheating, you never really know. Which is why sometimes you just have to watch them for days xD.


That’s the point.

It can be matter of perspective.
That’s why i offer to look at my play from a few sides.
For example i will record how i play, and two more people would record demo or video from their “eyes” for few rounds.
I am absolutely fine with it.
It could be ping. Cause i play from Moscow, and my ping is about 50-60, maybe more.

I’m certainly open to suggestions, cause i really want to play on this server.


red_line listen to me for a second, there are 4 points wrong with every defence that you are throwing up

  1. You say that you were not hacking.
  2. You keep telling everyone that your a admin on another server
  3. Your saying that most of the admins on Harry’s mod are 15-17 year olds
  4. You keep trying to defend yourself with video evidence

Now I’m going to explain the above points carefully for you so that you can understand it clearly however since you want to keep referring to your admin status and your game time I have decided that I’ll play the “my horse is bigger than your horse” game…and trust me mine is bigger

You said that you are a admin on 1 Russian TTT server and that you are Pro cause you have been playing Garry’s mod for 3-4 years…i say that’s cute
I have been Mod/Admin/Head Admin on a total of 26 different servers and I have been playing Garry’s mod for the past 4-5 years, I have more experience in dealing with hackers on garry’s mod than almost everyone that plays on Harry’s mod, now I never accuse someone of hacking without doing 3 things first, these are

  1. Thoroughly checking any video evidence Frame by Frame multiple times.
  2. Spectating the player in question during their game.
  3. Background referencing the player in questions Shots and Movements with those of all previous Hacker logs that I have accumulated.
    Now this process takes quite a few hours because of the sheer number of hackers that I have managed to ban in the past…
    Now after I did all of my steps I was able to come to the conclusion that you were button toggling on the server. Now unfortunately I couldn’t see any proof of wallhacks from the 2 rounds that I spectated you and the video evidence that you uploaded, there were a few fishy moments that caught my eye but I concluded those to just be simple pre aiming and angle checking.
    Now for those of you that don’t know what button toggling is I will explain it.
    Button Toggling is a for of mod that is also known by 2 other names
  4. Smooth Aim
  5. Aim Switch
    Now the function of this hack is basically a aimbot, it allows the user to change how smooth his or her crosshair moves onto a fixed point on a enemy after pressing a designated button. Now this works by making the user do 2 things
    A) Change a number setting (usually 1-100) in the menu, now the higher the number the softesofter the aim, for example [1= Rage AimBot or Instant Snap] [100= super soft aimbot]…basically The users own skill but the accuracy of the fun would be improved
    B) The user MUST hold down a designated button for the aiming to work… this is why it’s called button toggle, if the user does not hold down their designated button then the aimbot will not be active, however as soon as the user holds the button down the aimbot will become active for the duration of time upon which the user holds the button (normally users press their button just before firing and then immediately release it after as this is harder to spot…this is the reason why I watch evidence Frame by frame as it helps to identify hacks like these

Now go ahead Red_Line I dare you to tell me that you were not hacking…you were caught using hacks that you were confident wouldn’t be detected on a garry’s mod TTT server…so please all I ask of you now is these 3 things

  1. Be the bigger man and own up to your mistakes and apologise for them
  2. Stop flaunting your game time and admin status on these forums as I will beat you every time
  3. Have a happy New year and maybe turn over a new leaf?

Thank you for reading this super long post XD But I just had to give my verdict on this situation, I know that I am not staff on this server but I like to help keep the servers that I play on clean and hacker free.
I also want to thank NICK for taking the time to go over his evidence against Red_Line multiple times in close detail, I know that it can be tedious and boring but it’s always best to make sure that the person you are banning is actually hacking…nothing worse than getting banned from a game or server for NOT hacking…
XD sorry I promise that my post is done now
Thank you


You can say whatever you want.
I am NOT cheating.

And seeing that you(so epic guy that was admin on 26 servers) accusing me of hacking just make me laugh.
You will not beat me at anything.
I did not used cheats on you servers and never did.
I don’t care how professional you can be, if you saying that i have cheats, then i have a bad news.
I don’t.

I am not here to joke around or some shit. I do want to play on this server. And people like YOU, that see this epic “HACKING” in my video are the worst people.
Yes there are some suspicious moments, but that’s not my fault that game work like this.

And i like how you do accuse me of hacking, only by MY OWN VIDEO. That I PROVIDED.
I did this because i have nothing to hide. And i do record like this, because i need evidence against cheaters that comes to OUR server.

I play like this all the time.
And NO ONE EVER complaned about me.
Still, here i found people that have problem with me shooting good.
Very nice.


Yeah. It makes me angry every time when i think about my ban.
Especially when you realise, that you don’t know how to prove this to “I see every hacker” people.