Red_Line Ban Appeal


I created this accout 9 fucking years ago. And since then i NEVER used cheats on it.
I am not stupid to trash it like this simple.
Almost everyone knows, that if you really used cheats, you WILL BE banned on day.
This account is very much important to me.
Cause using cheats on it, it would be suicide.


You are my new favorite person.


don’t worry, i got this.


Damn, that’s alot of information, well done xD. And also, have you really been staff in 26 different servers? How come you switched so often? :stuck_out_tongue:




Yes Aldrin I have, I have been staff on 26 different servers.
I left those servers for lots of different

  • server closed
  • server became corrupt
  • got bored of the server
  • personal reasons
    Sometimes servers just get a bit boring after a while…im lucky that Harry’s mod does seem like it will get boring any time soon


Im pre calling that this guy is gonna apply and suck up so hard.


Really?..you do realise that I’m not a guy and also I applied for staff ages ago…


Should have known from the “Chan” Instead of Kun sorry.


That’s fine. Also I never kiss up to anybody… I say what I feel is the truth at all times…no point in kissing ass


I’d kiss @ajgunstone’s ass




I like to kiss this gay niggas ass too


Ahh, alright. I’ve only been on like 15 or so myself. Mostly for the same reasons, but also cause I for some reason always played on the US servers. But that was more back when gmod came out, there wasnt that many EU servers back then.


Guys i am really tired of this bullshit.
I just want to play on this server.
I am tired of this ignorance.
Never used cheats, i play like this all the time. Never get banned anywhere.
What more do you want from me?
Watch me play on other servers or something else.
What the fuck do i supposed to do?


If you really want to play just play on another server, while we sort this shit out


You should try and contact the guy that banned you. The name is on the ban that you got when you were playing. He’s the one who banned you, so It’s basically up to him.


I unbanned you.




he was already unbanned?