Regarding the Christmas Giveaway, me retiring

Just writing this here so that people don’t start asking stuff. I’m retiring, I’m probs the oldest staff member that was still active. cba to write anything big, don’t really want to waste time doing that either. The atmosphere in both the community and in the staff rooms have been quite annoying and I just couldn’t be bothered anymore. Nothing more needs to be said

I just wanna say that the giveaway is still gonna go on and the rewards will be given out, unfortunately the Scrap and the Exotics will not be possible. You may try and convince one of the cms or the staff members to give some compensation if you happen to be one of the winners for one of those prizes. But the giftcards, the charity gift will still be there.

happy holidays and have a great new year everyone.


Im not all for that farewell stuff, I’ll see you again in the other discord, much love gl with all :black_heart:

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Sorry to see you go, its been a pleasure and hope the best for you. Ps: gonna miss all the times you asked CCX for cm.


I understand this, especially the staffroom lately

Imagine being old

I’ll ensure the on-server prizes are honoured.


Damn gonna miss ya man. Ive not been around the longest but youve always been someone we could turn to if we need some help and well you are an absolute blast to play with. Hope you will pop on every now and then for a few rounds for old times sake.


I haven’t had to chance to know you properly since I’m still new to this place but I wish the best for you in life and on whatever you’re occupied with. Thanks for the gifts :two_hearts:

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It’s a real shame to see you go, and while I don’t fully understand it, several other staff members have had similar complaints, so I can only assume it’s becoming a real issue. I didn’t know you well, but you were well respected by a lot of staff and I wish you the best of luck wherever else you head to

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Sad to see you go but it is understandable

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I’ll miss you.

can’t believe aldron is quitting for the 8th time


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This aged badly.