Removing weapon specific quests

That shit is just boring

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don’t do it then

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But there is quests which hide behind those ugly “ttt_ar15 15 kills as detective” that brings fun to the usuall gameplay

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Yearly or bi-yearly quest updates would be cool to help quests not get stale. And some more passive quests like play x amount of rounds or become t on x number of maps would be pog

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Agree with Obama - some of the quests are just aids though, like the first ever (and current) D quest i got which is get X amount kills with a Judge.

Maybe Daily changing quests? Would help the quests not get stale, and if you get one you dont want to do / dont have a good weapon for, you can just wait 24h


Time to come back to this post again i guess.
As i was looking for some stuff, i found an old clip of harry showcasing old inventory system, and back in that time that actually was a thing

I think even just a set of 3 everyday missions would be more fun than unending weapon griding missions like it is now


hello moderngoose!!

I think this might have been on Main though - not sure

that is on main, in genesis its broken and stupid

Should probably just be quests specific to traitor equipment, not particular weapons

i confuse you with hodd maybe? are you hgodd?