Replacement for Do You Play It introducing Should you play it

Oh boy this Is a good one welcome to should you play it today we’re talking about Killing Floor 2 1 of my fav games to play when I’m bored. So this game is like left for dead 2 but better becuse you have a HUGE arsenal of weapons including shottys swords rpgs grenade launchers rail guns op af snipers fire shottys fire pistols tesla launchers m16s all of what you can dream of this game is fun to play multilayer and just solo.
In a nutshell this game is about killing zeds, (killing floors version of zombies) earning Dosh (killing floors mono) and buying hella fun weapons it’s like a sandbox to take out anger you can slice seeds in half punch them to death you can almost do anything in the game! This game is free on The Epic Games Launcher and another thing that’s free on epic is the escapist 2 so I give Killing floor 2 a 9.5. Problems Low player count so that’s it for Killing floor 2 if any of you wants to play with me the game takes about 34 gb and add me on epic my gamer tag or whatever it is is PapaGanoush4 (Becuse some cunt stole PapaGanoush) so this is a You should play it


are you alright

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Are you alright?

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