RK Smoke Ban appeal


Name: RK Smoke
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:167552673
Reason for ban: Ghosting
Staff member who banned you: 3000
Reason why i should be unbanned:
Hello, I think I should be unbanned as I didn’t do anything wrong, I would like to see evidence of me ghosting, I was in discord with cherino last night (as he was gonna pull of a all nighter with Shreddie) Shreddie fucked off, so it was me and cherino I told him to come on Harrys mod he did we played for a couple of hours, having a laugh, while we are playing there was no ghosting or telling each other where players are. im a very competitive player and a good pvper and used to be one of the top gmod pvpers, but I don’t get how this could be ghosting? I feel like this ban was done very unprofessional.


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Congrats Zed, you might have just wasted your friends chance.


Hello, 3000 banned you but it was me that had the evidence. I’m sure you know the round i’m talking about form last night. After checking the death scene, there was no way Cherino could have seen it was me that shot the innocent. Even if he saw my particle effects, he didn’t use this excuse at all last night, and it would make no sense to bring that up now, as I would believe that would be a lie.

You were my T buddy that round, and only Cherino was the one to push the fact that I had killed him, even though he seemed to not be able to call me out for around 30 seconds after. Now, if you can prove how Cherino decided to call me out so long after the kill, despite him saying he saw it was me straight away, then maybe there is hope. But the evidence is stacked against you and Cherino. I appreciate that you admit you were in discord at the time.

I’m not sure what your PvP history has to do with this, but i’m sure you have played enough to understand that if you are in a discord with a fellow player, then that fellow player randomly without proof calls out the Traitor without the Traitor doing anything for at least 30 seconds, it’s going to be enough to call ghosting on that part. The only other way Cherino would have known I was T, is if he had some sort of script that showed roles and health and what weapon they are using. If thats the case, I would gladly unban you and give you my apologies straight away.



Thanks for replying Janice, I don’t see how this has got to do with me? this is what you lot was arguing about. i would like to see the evidence of me please, not cherino or the kill cam, as that has nothing to do with me, yes this was about ghosting. you brought me into for no reason and that is a bit stupid. and how am i suppose to argue against this when ive seen no evidence?


This has everything to do with you, as you are the person I suspected to have told Cherino who the Traitor was that round. I’ll send the link to the video now for you and anyone else to review.



Waddup, just thought I bring up this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doxpItd9Jb4
People move at different speed for different players;

  • I have no idea if this is a client recording in the death scene,
    but I thought i’d bring it up, since cherinoo looks in the direction, Just ( ish ) as you walk past ( I think )


Altho, AJ. I won’t interfere with this since I don’t know the whole story. But even if that would be true, he never looked straight at Janice. how would he have known it was him? you dont see a person’s name unless you aim at the person.


I had considered this, which makes me ask that why he didn’t call me out straight away, but rather waited 30 seconds or more to do it, without seeing me again since then. If the lag had let him see me but he was lagging, he didn’t call the KOS out immediately, which again doesn’t make sense.


Ok cool, understandable.
( I always kos after a while because I want to get the kill :)), but I’m not sure if this applies here, so I’m not going to use this for or against anything, just keeping it in mind )


i don’t know what happened as i was not there, i didn’t speak i was eating my coco pops for about 5-10 minutes all i was doing was laughing at Janice and cherino beefing, if i knew it was about this i would of said something but i didn’t.


3am depression cereal feast aside…
In the video, you are clearly looking towards Janice and you’re moving.
You were there.


There’s not really any way for us to prove that. Janice has shown a valid evidence of you two ghosting. So unless there’s a 3rd person in this whole thing or you offer some king of evidence that you weren’t ghosting, there’s not really anything saying that you weren’t. You eating and laughing isn’t really a valid case.


“Janice has shown a valid evidence of you two ghosting” im sorry you said valid, that is not valid. valid is full evidence you shown cherino rdm you, so in this case this shows cherino rdm and not ghosting.



Pick one.
Because those contridict each other.