RK Smoke Ban appeal


i would like to see the evidence of the ghosting not the rdm please.thanks



Janice you are a special one aint you lol? i don’t think you know what but he is joking as i don’t know what epic times is


That is taken from the time of the incident, it’s not that much of a leap in logic to go to you told him I was T that round.


harassing and antagonising admins vcool ggwp


I was told that talking in discord was allowed @Janice


what and spit my coco pops everywhere. not worth it


It is. Sharing in game information in discord is not.


RKSmoke, before this becomes a flame-fest, is there anything else you would like to add?
I can see this thread slowly but surely merging into another and that’s not what we want.


yes could you close this appeal and pretended it never happened thanks.


You’re the boss.