Round ending songs?


Simple and self explanatory. I used to play on this (Now defunct)community called “Hobo Gaming” quite a few years back, and they used to have a thing where small snippets of songs would play at the end of each round depending on which side won.

For example, it would play a part of “Bad boys” by Inner Circle if Traitors win, or something like “WAR - Why Can’t We Be Friends” when Innocents win etcetera.

It is quite a cosmetic idea, but added a lot of liveliness back then. I don’t see why not!


Sound pretty dope. Good idea!


Sounds pretty cool. Wouldn’t mind having that on the server. What’s your opinion, @meharryp?


As long as there is many different songs, or else it will get very repetitive. kinda like the quest completion is right now…


Dont you dare complain about that you horrid betch


I’m down as long as there’s a setting to enable/disable it.

I don’t mind if you guys want it but personally I think sometimes it’s intrusive, esp. if I’ve got something on but I don’t want to completely veto the idea for you guys.


All These things like !dm or the song just reminds me of all the other shitty pay to win server I like this server because he hasn’t weapons that you just as an donator are able to get an double jump shitty songs at the end and way to big prices to get something good in the shit shop


Also i used to play on Hobogaming wtf are the odds this xD


pretty shit idea


Hellz yeah , its little things like these that separate Harrysmod from other servers!
Lets do this guys!


Well, literally other servers do round end songs so it’s not separating us from anyone ngl lmao


nah nah nah bro keep it here , keep it here. We are going to be the first server that implements it #suresuresure


18 jan? is this the future?


No this is a good idea which wasn’t implemented and didn’t need bumping!