Santa is back- and this time it's personal


Santa returns once again to give presents to all the good terrorists! Unfortunately the dastardly traitors are still trying to murder him and steal his presents, so this time he’s brought an M16 to help him! Kill santa as a traitor and all your teammates will get 2 presents, protect him and every innocent will get a present!


And I’ve already been RDM’d by Santa like 3 times


Does he shoot those who shoot him or does he shoot randomly?


Allegedly its only if you shoot him, but he killed me for existing


its revenge for all the crippling youve done


maybe he wont rdm if we add waterworld


just saying but santa keeps walking into walls and for the entire game he stays in the same place walking straight into the walls like he thinks this will get him some where


Yes, what’s wrong with that?


Santas kinda hot


update: santa’s elves have established trade routes with a Columbian gang, who have given him access to large arseanal of weapons in exchange for Santa removing them from the naughty list

santa is now able to use any weapon that spawns from a lootbox (with the exception of crowbars because that would be dumb)


HarrysMod lore is really complicated.


And now, somehow you’ve made Santa so much better.


2 presents < Big present






anal (10 characters)


santa is now delivering presents to all the good children and will spawn every round between the 24th and 26th (lootbox odds are not increased yet)


Don’t let any of this distract you from the fact @Such_Meme_Many_Skill is still staff. Reeeeeeeee


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