Schnitzel for all of you

So most you humans in this community sooo here
8 veal cutlets about 90 g (0,2 lb) each
4 eggs
200 g (1 cup) breadcrumbs, very fine
100 g (1 cup) flour, fine
300 ml (0,5 pt) butter
100 ml (0,2 pt) vegetable or peanut oil
lemon slices and fried parsley for garnish

Tenderize the veal to about 2 - 4mm, and salt on both sides. On a flat plate, stir the eggs briefly with a fork. (The egg becomes too thin if you beat it too much). Lightly coat the cutlets in flour then dip into the egg, and finally, coat in breadcrumbs.

Heat the butter and oil in a large pan (allow the fat to get very hot) and fry the schnitzels until golden brown on both sides. Make sure to toss the pan regularly so that the schnitzels are surrounded by oil and the crumbing becomes “fluffy”.

Remove, and drain on kitchen paper. Fry the parsley in the remaining oil and drain. Place the schnitzels on a warmed plate and serve garnished with parsley and slices of lemon.

Tips: Make sure to use high-quality, very fine breadcrumbs. Genuine Wiener schnitzels need to be fried in a frying pan, not in a deep fryer. Also, the use of butter is essential to give the schnitzels a typical “nutty” taste.

Suggested side dishes: Parsley-tossed potatoes and salad (cucumber, tomato, potato or lettuce)


My only suggestion is to add salt and peper to the flour to pre-season the maryland chicken, add thyme to the breadcrums to soak in more flavor when your cooking it, it will shrink into it and you wont be able to taste the herbs but the flavor will be much better.

fuck that garnish, do it in cooking.

its… a copy paste. i cant cook … lol but i can EAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAt

I just have chips with Schnitzel when I have it

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