Selling a legendary M1 grand. 10-15k

When I get back on here in a few days I will post the stats of it but right now just give it a thought. It’s not bad but isn’t good. So that’s why it’s around 10-15k.

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Do you know the approximate stats? would be nice


yus, info on stats would be nice


Rang is about 15-30% fire rate is low as well if it has fire rate. And the other state is either muzzle or clip size. And I do not know the stat for that. I think it’s on the market. It’s been a while since I’ve been on. But if you want it I’ll sell it for 10k. Unless you want it now then 15k on market. I’m sorry if this wasnt helpful. Havent been in a good state of mind since I’ve been having a respiratory infection. But once I get over this I’ll be back on.


First of all sorry to hear it bro. But have you ever rerolled any stat on it? 1 stat reroll could make it worth so much more.

No I have not.

I think 10k-15k is to much for that garand

Try it, see what you get. Worst comes to the worst you’ve made slightly less profit than you would’ve done in the first place.

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