Selling an egg gun

Hi im selling egg gun, 100% real egg gun for a decent offer in tf2 items thanks :slight_smile:
Anyone interested post offers below :smiley:
have a gamer day!


Staff Roasting Competition!

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https://steamcommunity.com/id/KarakaiJouzuNoTakagiSan/inventory/#440 Look around and tell me if you see anything that you like

any prefered classes?

if not perhaps a balloonicorn sniper rifle (minimal wear) <3

Sort of stuff you’re looking for?

I’d be interested in
Strange Festivized Killstreak Loose Cannon,
Strange Festivized Specialized Killstreak Kukri
And your Bills

and i wanna send you a trade offer i added you on steam, dw i’d be able to get egg gun to u

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Alright I’ll be home in a little bit

Staff Roasting Competition! :thinking:

prob is but is it sold?

One sold one more to go

I will be able to get the Kukri I soon.

I have sold both egg guns but I am selling the remaining bits of my inv I’ll get an updated list asap for it

Who are the happy owners?

Takagi-san has Ya boi pasta’s from some event recently
and Spondo has I believe 3k’s from the 1st egg gun event