Selling Egg gun(SOLD)


The title pretty much says everything Im bored of it.
Accepting real cash scrap and op weapons or a combonation.
Auction closes on Sunday at about 6pm
Send your best offers


It is useless, and say it in trading chat.


umm, i offer everything
(except my tiger 1 shotgun and nep sawed off)
enjoy an awful offer bye now


What people don’t realise is that he’s selling it cause the egg gun is shit. It doesn’t even do good damage. You’re gonna use it for a bit, then keep it in the inventory and let it gather dust, never use it again. I’ll offer 10k for it, no more tho. Not that interested in it xD


The egg gun is more of a collectors item IMO.Rarer things will always cost more and when there is only 4 in existence it adds to the price quite a bit


please do not sell it to nobrain


buying for 15-17 exotics + 250k


£25 pp big bux


already got bored with it?


Yes a bit
Only fun when its just me and a bunch of low levels and I get to shoot explosive eggs at them
much fun


It’s only really good for clearing out buildings as a T xD


If it’s money you are after I am willing to do 26£ or so plus some stuff in my inventory


I’d appreciate it if you would let me think about an offer or to if offer at all before you sold it


When are you next back from the army?


This friday


Thats fine then- I will be on Saturday and Friday evening about 8 british time so we can discuss some offers then


Cherino - 19, Holding his Egg Gun.


locked as the gun has now sold