Selling Items

Selling These Weapons

Return This Please <3 (Aug) Fr:78 Acc:71 Dam:25 (accuracy is rerolled)

M3 Garand

Supreme Mac 10 Recoil:88 Fr:55 Dam:45 (firerate rerolled)

Corrutped Sosig (SPAS-12) Bul:36 Bullets Acc:136 Range: 62.5% Rec:-103

Stunning Tmp: Acc:93, Fr:43.6% Dam:37.9% (accuracy rerolled)

(Will Add More Later)

Shotgun has been sold.


Send me a message on discord or a trade in game if these interest you

Swift and stunning tmp interest me, im gonna be online tomorrow i think!

Is the TMP leg?? Cause of so I will buy it and I claim dibs

Purple sadly

acc is rerolled too so it should be impossible to make legendary.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :pensive:

Sold Swift