Selling Vampiric Investigator


Selling Vampiric Investigator. All serious offers will be considered. you can put them here or pm me on discord


What is one worth in scrap?


Like scrap value? You can scrap it for 6k if that is what you mean


No the market price
Also what is the one for infinity?


I don’t know for sure. I don’t know what the supply and demand is for vamp. I know infinity is probs the highest though. I would think that vamp is somewhere between 60-120k (That is a wide range bc I really don’t know) But infinity must be higher than that

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IMO Vamperic is worth 50-60k and Infinity is worth 60-70k.
I bought my vamperic for about 75k of stufg but that was right at the begginning when only 3 of them existed.


Thanks Comrad

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Well I unboxed mine but I did buy infinity for 80k when there were only 2 of them.