Server Change-Up

Hello Everyone!

So as you all know ever since Harry’s departure we’ve gone through both minor and major changes, well the rabbit hole goes deeper.

Main Is Being… Terminated?

Now I know, some of you may be upset. With CCX gone, we’ve decided to shift dev focus - main was his little pet project for quite a while. Fear not, for main is merely evolving. Genesis will be moving forward as our Primary TTT server. And in an effort to expand our community, Main will now be Harry’s Mod Prop Hunt! Your Main inventories will stay with you in prophunt, and you can still unbox to your heart’s content. Now keep in mind, the server will stay as it is for the duration of the Easter event. Only now instead of traitors, have fun hunting down those boxes!

Up next… Genesis 2!

With the loss of Main as a TTT server, we’ve decided to make a second genesis to help with overflow. That’s it. There’s 2 Genesis’s now.

Despite our best efforts, Raptor has went insane and will be banning anyone who talks bad about Halo. Ping @Such_Meme_Many_Skill for unban.

I know this was a lot to unpack, but I’m very excited to watch this update unfold. And I think that a lot of you will be as well.

Catch you on the flip side everyone!


Oy vey. I’m shaking in mig boots!

Cant wait to hide as a: barrel, chair, soda can, stick, table, pc, desk, ball, cup, thermometer, phone, banana ofc, burger, plate and other artifacts. <3

I was right lol.

i still want my 50k main scrap for that event from like 4 months ago :frowning:

I put in announcements to message me for the scrap, I’m not gonna hunt anyone down lol

Such a tragic day so see main being prop hunt and two geneshits, it won’t be the same.

Is genesis 2 going to be different than the current one

This is what I’ve always wanted.

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hmod darkrp when

Good now I dont have a reason to continue being here lmfao

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