Shall i try this again?

Kokichi here had an idea in mind for quite a while to hold small event rounds
So whenever i think of it its near the day i want to host it so im making my announcement now

im planning on holding Multiple fun rounds on Main at Saturday Time 15:00PM GMT

Suggestions are welcome and the chances of death during this event is 6412% certain

ill update this post when time is decided


Do zombie apocalypse hide and seek in clue

-go to admin sandbox, turn out lights
-spawn zombies around map
-innocents may defend themselves from zombies, but when 1 is killed a new one is spawned (because no you can’t just kill them all and play normal hide and seek)
-last one alive has option of keeping the prize money, or going double or nothing.
-during the double or nothing the hider and seeker are both placed in a room with never ending zombie spawns. By only using a crowbar, the last one left alive gets gets double the scrap

add me bound to a chair


Have you considered reopening this