Shit essay for new stuff :)


Hello, I am requesting that we have a few new things to be added. Firstly I would like new skins to be added not only mine Aj’s too, this is because they have been widely requested by alot of people in the community and there hasn’t been a new skins for quite a while so this should happen. Secondly, I think that we should add waterworld as this is another feature like the skins that has been widely requested by the community, i’m pretty sure this map was removed as it has performance issues and people had bad fps on it however you decided to keep the maps rooftops and prison even though they also have bad fps. For my next request I think that there are a few guns like the dual mac-10’s and famas that have been hated alot for how op they are and I feel the famas shouldn’t need nerfing much however the dual mac’s are OP and should be nerfed in some way a few people had different ideas I think that it should have more recoil but you may need to check with the community regarding this. Finally I think that the post made by Ajgunstone Recap on stats: Would be a great idea to be added as it is full of great ideas for stats that I feel would work really well along side the current ones.

Dan xoxo


Can hav unugual skhns? they wood be cohl!




not 4000 words




Awesome. This is great


This aint an essay, this is a paragraph


Read the name of the post


the fact its a shit essay doesn’t mean it isn’t a paragraph


To be honest I couldn’t care less less it could be a sentence but I called it essay as that is what harry said ages ago it’s nowhere near big enough to count it was purely to show some suggestions so you can all stop getting your mouth covered in other people’s shit :slight_smile:


I was just taking the piss dude, no hard feelings XD.


I didn’t have any cranger just carried it on so I corrected it

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