So yeah ya’ll remember the Genocide Gang? The discord of 13 people from Hmod plus 1 random still exists and is now based on memes and random talks about pretty much everything! We have the Hmod bot, the Music bot and even the sacred Dank Memer bot, wich will soon be upgraded to the Mega Meme bot (rip 5$ a month). Also we have an official server where we gather random people from, but its not that active. If you want to join just message me here!
Also insert memes here to establish communism


just a warning doc loves his gay porn :slight_smile:

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Yup, ya just gotta spam lesbian back
(Dont worry the nsfw chat is seperated)


I moved this to shitpost so this doesnt count as advertising and you dont get banned from here too , you can thank me later yes


Oh fuck so sorry my mistake!
Thx cranger…


yeah but claret :slight_smile:

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