okay so

quick story time

or well

heres a riddle

or a question

whatever you want it to be


i was taking a shit

on the toilet

yeah impressive i know

and so

my dick

was inbetween my legs as usual


i had recently jerked off so my cock was slightly hard

now then

hold your horses

i know what youre thinking

and the answer is yes

but let me continue





the problem envelops when this situation occurs

and that was

the fact i was brushing me teeth


the sink was too far away to spit into

so i was in a sticky situation

especially seen as i cummed beforehand


i could either

split the toothpaste onto my dick

and have it burn

and then speed wipe and clean my cock

or stand up without wiping to go put toothbrush away

so what would you folks do in this situation

i chose to spit toothpsate onto my cock and balls

it burned

so i quickly grabbed some wipes and cleaned my arse

and then cleaned my dick

so yeah

story of my life

or the moral is

dont clean your teeth on the toilet

or taking a shit

thats if you dont take a shit on the toilet


Just one question

What the fuck?!

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Wtf is wrong with you?

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why cant you just stand up without wiping

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dont want shit between my cheeks getting mushed yanno

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mushed compact shit > soft and sad shit

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This is why your a pillar of the community.

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You’re 15 days late reeeeee

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no i’m not xd

you’re the soft and sad shit i was talking about

banned libtard

abuse authoritardian


But still banned L O L

im not banned yet you loser

xd xd xd xd xd xd xd (body)

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