Shitty Suggestions (Lots of reading)


TL;DR at the end for all of you lazy bois
So basicly, i’ve gathered quite a few ideas for the server, some are bad and some are even worse.
Maps have been sugested at least a bilion times so i decided to leave that, and focus on stuff that hasnt been suggested that much, or not at all. Also, after you read it, please tell me what you think about them, hopefully the less crap ones will be implemented some day.

Those are the weapons that i think are either under or over powered, and the changes i propose

M3/Shotgun (and Sawed Off to some extent)
There is a reason that most games have either no, or really low headshot mutlipliers for buckshot - easier to balance and more consistant. I think it would slightly nerf them, and make them more consistant and more fun to fight against
It still has rifles headshot multiplier as a mistake, and as much as i like 1 shotting even the most hp boosted of players with it, its definitely overpowered, especially with its highest in class firerate and almost complete lack of recoil
I like this weapon a lot, but i feel that with its terrible DPS, and CQB focused maps in TTT it is a bit lackluster
I would suggest making the headshot multiplier slightly higher and/or making its delay 0.18 from 0.2 (firerate from 300 RPM to 360 RPM)
M1 Garand
The newest addition to the server, apart from the broken model that covers half of your screen, feels a bit lackulster. Because of the clunky zoom without scope, semi auto with not too high firerate, much worse hs damage than deagle or rifle, its main competetitors and being a 2 shot bodyshot even with 55 damage boost (obviously counting hp boost in, even low lvls run it now) i feel that its a bit lackluster.
What i would do is make it (not all at once, just some suggestions)
42 damage from 37, making it able to 2 shot with good non corrupted dmg, at least if you dont hit an arm or a leg
Full auto - as ridicolous as a full auto garand may seem, all other semi-autos like the pistol, p228, dual berrettas and even a bolt action rifle are full auto in this game, and it could help, and make it easier and more pleasant to use, especially for the less experienced ones
1 shot headshot, like the rifle or deagle

Weapon/exotic ideas
As harry said, he wants to make all weapons have an exotic variant in the next year, so ive got some ideas, some mine and some stolen from the discord
Exotic MP5 (Silenced MP5/MP5 SD6)
This is an idea that could work with all of the weapons tbf, but i think it would fit the mp5 the most
Basicly a stock, or slightly buffed (for example 0.08 delay and 25 dmg to make it at least mildly useful) mp5, thats much quieter, has a muffled sound and makes victims not scream when getting shot, even without hitting the head (like the silenced pistol). Also maybe rising the headshot mult. a bit, but you get the general idea. Model of either an mp5sd6/sd4 or a mp5 with a silencer.
Exotic Deagle
You’ve probably heard that idea, 1 shot in the mag, enough damage to 1 shot anything without armour (so 125-140 range) or literaly anything (180+), perfectly accurate, maybe a bit of zoom too, and if you miss, you die
A well known burst-fire pistol, and the first secondary to use smg ammo
Stats are just suggestions, could be changed to balance it out
14 dmg, short delay between shots in the burst (around p90 firerate, maybe a bit faster) with longer delays between the burts, and semi-auto like (1 click one burst)
Accuracy similar to glock, and recoil more in the dual berrettas range
15 rounds in the mag with a fast reload and an avarage range/muzzle velocity

Many ideas and many versions of it were suggested, for example leaving the numbers/stats, rerolling only one stat etc. For me, just any kind of reroll that could basicly make it more depending on scrap and less on praying to the RNG gods than lootboxes would be nice

all shoties and famas hs nerf, garand and aug slight buffs, silenced exotic mp5, 1 shot if you miss you die deagle, burst fire pistol and any kind of reroll mechanic depending on harrys choice

Hope at least some of them are mildly decent, and tell me what you think about them

EDIT 1: fixed some Typos
EDIT 2: also rising augs damage to 21 making it on pair with m16 could be a decent idea i think



I agree to all these points
It is only time to see if harry actually does something with this.


I agree with these, very good ideas. Harry pls do.



I agree to everything apart from the mp5 exotic but overall great suggestion as well as doing the hard job for Harry giving him the numbers for the buffs/nerfs.


And how about my old deagle exotic Idea that basicaly stole each other effects of the already existing exotics and apply one randomly each shot (with the effect being weakened or not)


This may sound somewhat bad but:
A infinite ammo Pistol, I suggest either:

  • a slight firerate boost with a DMG decrease
  • Im not sure wich pistol or handgun could work for this, but the Deagle and Glock are bad options, one being able to deal alot of dmg and the other is a fully automatice.


Seriously though-this post has some very nice balance ideas to all weapons that I’m sure people will agree with.
Harry pls fix