Shotguns op or no?


Are Shotguns to Overpowered and or is everyone Okay with the stats

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I agree with both statements because I’m hot garbage at the game and require this leg-up to be successful in any way.


they are not overpowered they have decent and balanced stats. I could say snipers or deagles are op cuz they 1 shot on hat from far and close range


To be fare, shotguns are only op with long distance stat. Like Nobrains shotgun.
I mean, IT IS a shotgun. This is the only complaint i have.
Rifles are not, because they are always been like that. Even in classic TTT without any loot and stats, it’s still 1-hit kill in the head.
Deagles same


The shotguns git nerfed extremely hard and are now, in my opinion, at a good spot


Deagle’s and snipers do 1 shot you but so do shotguns if you’re unlucky enough to fight someone in a small Room


Increased bullets should have been an alternative of replacement stat for accuracy or damage, because it is too overpowered combined. Stock shotguns can be poo-i-fied but if you have theses three stats they are still ranged and one shot. Poo poo time

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If anything the dualies should have increased bullets as traitor you kill two people with mac-10 then have to go run around looking for ammo


Also, over all, it depends if you think Genocide (Gєnσcídє) ID:298215808 is op or not.
(type !item 298215808 in the discord chat to see that stats, type !discord in game to join it)


Shotguns are kinda okay now, some people just have really good ones, maybe I’ve developed Stockholm syndrome anf just really love the abuse I get when someone uses it idk but I think they’re okay now. Delete pomf

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pompf isnt even that good, its just a relict








#StopAbusingPowers :]



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