Skin creation thread


Post your skins here, I know quite a few have been making them recently and I have something cool planned for the next update for those who made skins.

Make sure to post both worldmodel and viewmodel skins, I won’t accept skins that just retexture one of those two.

Add Skins for Sawed-Off!
Re-roll Guns, Hats and Stats!


for all of harrys guns


cus they shit


Colt P228 Skin: this is my first ever skin, so please excuse the quality.

Side View:



mac10: saints
mp5 and ak: gold


Man those skins are C L E A N as hell




will upload a couple for the sawed off later, need to make it a swep or something real quick


Im pretty sure guns that don’t have skins rn will most likely be added if they are “up to standard” so stuff like the ak probably wont be added (accept for mp5 because that skin is just red.)


Still need worldmodel textures for those ones


didn’t make any world models for them but is it needed?


Yeah, otherwise it won’t show up in the preview screen or on other peoples guns


where’s templates for the weapons?


When is the update gonna happen? this week?


Whenever I have time to finish it


Helpful. Very helpful


Make up your mind lol


i finally got answer to my questions after 4 days from a nice player called doppel so didn’t need more help dawg