Skin creation thread


Photo shop for the actual editing ( I can get you a free version )
CS:S texture foldes and bought into jpg with vtf edit ( I can get the skins for you)

You need a view model and a world model and they bot have to be the same but they look different, hence why my posts have 2 different pictures per gun.



thanks can u get me the photoshop & textures please


hey where do i put the skin once i have made it to test it works?


i have a vtf but i cant be asked to upload it


I also dout anyone what’s this in the game XD


I do 10 character limit


if u put som effort into it, it could probably look good lol


I might have another go


Ok I have these, now what?


If all Legendarys had the option to be gold (As in the reflective gold) would people want that in the game?
They had the option to be normal, have skins but by default they are gold, just "showing of they are legendary. I was considering making all guns have a gold version and appear like this:

The metal of the gun would be gold accept for minor parts that it would not be necessary and wood and stocks of guns would not be gold.

  • Yes, The option to have a legendary weapon gold would be cool!
  • No, Gold legendarys is a bad idea

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I thought this would be cool since legendarys are not far off t3s and they only difference is a name, a few stats and a gold bar, and yet they are the rarest thing in the game!

If you voted no, can I have your opinion? I want to know why!

New admin?

This poll is probably going to be inconclusive, cause people that don’t have legendary weapons are going to vote no.


idk I don’t have legendary weps and I voted yes so


Is there a tool or something that you use to make these


sending a pm to you containing info soon


If it helps, click: How to create Skins!


I also have darkened copies if these are too light and a less solid red on another

I have no words oh wait 'yikes'

Im just going to make skins for all the guns that dont currently have them, I also see there are current skins for guns that need better or skins in this so I would recommend to harry you add them for the time being.


me me me me me (10 char)


I made an M16 Street Art skin, based off of Doppel’s famas design.