Skin creation thread


ty bby gurl, i love it its come out lovely jubbly


This is your mum gey skin, i made it thanks.


can’t anyone make a skin for the sawed off shotgun


Damn BOI! that’sa beautyful famas if i ever saw one.


we need more p90 skinns


Well I made the famas skin because there was no skin for it, we only need a pistol sawn off and famas so every gun can have one, then I will.


blood tiger/zebra


““Legit Awp rifle sking””


I was just testing out photo shop tools with this, I don’t expect it to be added, but here it is anyway
““P90 Claret””




Some dees skins looking fresh


Aj, unless the AWP skin has a massive white text with LEGIT, it ain’t mine


I can do that.


Or just a sticky note saying not legit, both would be fucking awsome




Holy shit, you are actually the fucking best, Harry, please, do this for us please


You, you Aj, you seriously deserve a fucking medal, a really big fucking medal


I don’t think harry can add anymore skins at the moment, supposedly there is not enough space or something and they are too high quality for download speed? So I think all the current skins need to be “compressed” for there to be more. is this right @meharryp


i think we should just remove no download now that we have a dedicated playerbase and community and get some more content yeee boooiii


I don’t want any new guns or buy menu items, it should still be stock TTT


image still not in the game. SMH


blood sport?