Skins With Stats

Now the majority of my ideas are either useless or just dumb, but I feel this is the most likely to be implemented. (And yes, if you look at the time of this post, I did this during a science class)

Skins with stats:

Now the fact hats now have stats with a minimum of 25%, gave me the idea to give skins this same feature, now this may be a bit overpowered but once there is a skin for every gun this would be a good idea. The stats would be the same ones that you can get on guns, only a low amount of that, maybe a limit of 15%, making a need / use for skins since they usually just get scrapped, like the old hats. Now, like unusuals requiring a min of 18% to exist, the rarer the skin ( scrap price depends this ) the higher average of stats, but tire ones still getting max stats, just a low chance … To be continued since im in class, or not.


In addition, after reading some of the suggestions, and a key bit I forgot to add was: the fact that fire rate and damage boost can not be applied to guns via skins, this would create a lot of power to specific guns, stats only like accuracy or recoil would be added, or just ammo capacity and clip size.
Ideas like:

  • Accuracy When crouched
  • Increased Ammo Capacity
  • Unusual effects on guns
  • I need more ideas
  • Please give me ideas
  • Help.
  • Skins with stats ( 15% ).
  • Skins with stats ( 10% ).
  • Skins with stats ( Other ).
  • This is a bad idea.

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this idea is omegararted


Obama Llama likes this idea. This will give a reason for the scrap horders to spend some dough.


I think this is one of them


honestly think its a good idea

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arsi get the frick out, you are just salty at aj all the time, rdming him ingame alot, eat my poo.

edit: changed the toxicity so i dont get banned for longer.

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I like this idea but some guns like the mp5 has 3 skins while others have only one. eg Famas and Shotguns so it will make the guns have an unbalanced stat roll chance, which I think isn’t good since everything so far on the server is fair.

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But the MP5 skins are not worth a lot of scrap, so they would have less of a chance to be good.

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Too op, pls nerf
I mean, this is way too op when you think about it, imagine having 70% damage boost on a shotgun

Also add a skill tree(like payday) so it is fair to everyone, since everyone will have the same points(at level 100)

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I guess ur right my famas would be balanced with 70% damage and ~50% firerate. Im sorry for loosing my temper and writing something stupid like that what I wrote before. This change would really make gameplay more fair for everyone since u had alteast 0.2 seconds time to return fire as innocent. Please add this.

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Atleast I am not banned for rdming and mic spamming :thinking:

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Famas’ aren’t bad so you don’t need 70% for it to be balanced, it already is op. Just underrated.

Edit: Ok got it.

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Ye it was sarcasm


I was more thinking everyother stat on the skins like reload bullets and ammo cappacity, maybe new ones, or unusual skins lile in tf2


Instead of adding stats to everything, let’s have some skill

6 months later



For fucks sake piss off