Small Convenient Life changes


These are small changes to improve the experience of the game

-Show Gun stats on the weapon (Base damage(Or Damage with mods)Fire rate,Recoil Ect)
This gives the player a better understanding of what there using and better opinion of how good it is.
Arbitrary numbers of +damage or +Fire rate would be clarified.

-Favorited weapon
This would prevent accident scraping (If your so clumsy), Better trading (Bind to say selling all unfavorited weapons until harry implements the market. If ever.) and Helps clean up your inventory.

-Coloured stats
Positive Stats would be green or a Positive colour. Bad stats could be Red or a negative colour to quickly identify weapons.

-Show total scrap value in mass scrapping Before actually scrapping
A small change to show total scrap gained. Not really necessary but a nice change to add.

These are some of my suggestion.


this is already a thing, if you select all you want to scrap then hit the “scrap selected” button is says total scrap in chat


Clarified what i mean. Forgot that existed. i was thinking of a counter at the top.


Colored stats is basically if you are too lazy to look at the last stat of a corrupted weapon.
which means bassicaly you are too lazy to look for the - stat

if that is what you meant


Lazy and harry`s mod go in hand and hand.

So yes. Good change.

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Really nice ideas especially the first ones would make it wayyyy better (nevermind)


This is literally the time corrupteds were added


wtf why heskan

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I am so confused it was shown as new wtf
Ffs why isnt it closed in the first place


The second one is still a nice idea tho

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