Smoke For Admin 2020

Smoke is by far my favourite TTT player and many others agree. He sells cakes at prices more reasonable than schlatt coin and always brightens up any server he joins with his wonderful personality.
"Every time i turn on my pc and hop onto harry’smod im desperate to see (or hear ) smoke’s wonderful voice through his studio quality microphone. " - Testimonial (duck skillshare.com)

While many haters slanderously claim that he is selling his cakes at “too high a price” and that they can get them for free, you must realize that there is one item in a cake, and two items in a lootbox. Lootboxes cost 300 scrap, cakes cost 150 scrap. 300/2 = 150 scrap. Do the maths. Idiots.

Smoke also has many hilarious antics and escapades:

  • Binge Drinking

  • Making Concerning Noises

Now if you aren’t already convinced because some admin desperate to cling to their power has bribed you, and while we know you need money, please, think about what’s best for the server, for the people, for harry’s bank account, and vote for your local smoke representative.

I dont know if this is a shitpost, but it feels like a shitpost and dosent really contribute to TTT general as it dosent talk about the gamemode OR does it suggest anything.

Moved to shitpost. Also this is shit

I do have to add a point here:
Smoke’s charming voice shows best when posessor of said voice gets pulled and pushed over and over again! His splendid speach will brighten up the server by 420%.
10/10 can honestly recommend

Who are you?

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hey i agree!!! Smokey the bear for admin 2929!!! just make sure his parents are okay with it!!!

“The bear” is surprisingly fitting

we can shitpost on th is now wooooooooo

also there was a mention that no more staff changes would happen

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