Some epic minecraft suggestions to make the game more enjoyable

1)a teleport system where you can set a place as home and can be traveled to (maybe only once an hour)
2)death markers as I’m sick of dying in the nether and being to dumb to screenshot my cords
3)make an easier way to cover long distances such as being able to teleport to your friend
4)An actual clan system so when you look on the tab menu you can see who is with who
5)add more mobs,weapons,armour etc

I also think that there should be a way to find out where bases are easier such as beacons as right now everyone is hiding underground like rats or are “passive”

Those are all my suggestions so if you have any more ideas please put them in the comments to make minecraft more enjoyable
(Also little side not for heskan please don’t bitch and whine about us in the comments everyone is sick of it Xx)


Your team is mean
Jk nice ideas

All but the one about finding bases easier that one was dumb and heskans base was easy for me to find anyway

Yes because iSuck told you
Fucking tryharders we just want to build in peace

“Fucking tryharders” Lel git gud idot
Also when you get back we’ll give you a while to build a base and get good shit but after that period it’s raid city bitch

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We just want to fucking build and not fight ffs

Also its sad to tryhard in minecraft
Just sayin

No he didnt you waa waa baby i found it myself

@Heskan shut up suggestion thread not retard thread :slight_smile:


So wtf u doin in here?
Jk lets just stop the salt

I am ajgunstone

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I am god aka Heskan

I am Morgan Freeman.

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(X) doubt
I am Headcrab god

oh look heskan took over my thread (can we just fucking ban him)

Please do that
I still don’t fully understand your changing in behavior since the MC server btw and really dont want to start some sort of beef here

i am isd i mean sid