Something to stop Mic Spamming / A limit of speaking


Like recently when I played, there are always 2-3 people that don’t want to shut up
and it annoys the gameplay, if someone is calling another guy out, that fag
from the other side of the map is laughing like a retard.


I think there was a mic limit at one point.


I tested it on MC, and you can hold it so long as you want to.


you can mute them by opening tab, seeing the whole playerlist. There should be an option to mute people there.


shudders in corner


I know, but if they call a KOS on someone, I don’t know who to kill


then unfortunately there’s not much you can do. What you can do though if they’re not stopping is just to make a report here. Or else I think people with member rank can also gag people, not sure tho.


Only helper or above can gag


I remember we tried this once but then harry scrapped it


Yeah I’m not surprised tbf